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Best windows tablets list: Our best picks - The NewsDoses
Asus Transformer 3 Pro

Best windows tablets list: Our best picks – The NewsDoses

Update: The Surface Pro has another challenger staring its in the face, and its name is the Miix 510. Read on to number 2 on our rundown to discover why this new half breed from Lenovo is one of the best Windows tablets you can discover!

iPads and Android tablets are fine, certain. In any case, while they may brag tight security, that is mainly the fault of their constrained functionality. A Windows tablet, then again, furnishes you with all an indistinguishable assets from a desktop PC, yet with a more compact frame factor. What’s more, the security is getting there.

All out desktop programming, for example, Adobe Photoshop and Vegas Pro, for example, are not feasible totally on an iPad or Android gadget, and clients are rather constrained to “lite” or “express” variants of these utilities. Luckily, that is not the situation with the best Windows tablets, all of which tote a genuine PC working framework in a Kindle-sized bundle.

The top Windows tablets run from convertible to independent and each has its own particular remarkable arrangement of attributes to attract you. For a few, it’s truly drawing, with the greater part of the best Windows tablets offering stylus-upgraded applications like the spilled Microsoft Whiteboard to support their utility. For others, it’s the high-determination screen or reasonable cost.

Whatever you require, you can rely on discovering it here.

Best Windows tablets list starts from here:

Microsoft Surface Pro:

The best all-around Windows tablet

CPU: 2.5GHz Intel Core i7-7660U
Graphics: Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 RAM: 16GB
Screen: 12.3-inch, 2,736 x 1,824 PixelSense display
Storage: 512GB SSD
Connectivity: 802.11ac Wi-Fi; Bluetooth 4.1
Camera: 8MP rear-facing, 5MP front-facing


Best windows tablets - Microsoft surface pro
Microsoft Surface Pro


Highly enhanced battery life, Much better Surface Pen Surface Pen pulled from package Only Core i7 can challenge A10X.
In spite of the repressed naming tradition, this is really the fifth emphasis of the Surface Pro. As a follow-up to the triumphant Surface Pro 4, it would have been each piece meriting a number appended to it, as well. That is on the because the most recent Surface Pro observes not just the battery life enhance by as much as 32%, yet the accessorizes have been patched up too. In spite of the fact that it’s presently sold independently, the Surface Pen has 4,096 levels of weight affectability. Also, the Alcantara Type Cover is notably comfier than past Surface Pro consoles and, obviously, the processor has been refreshed to Kaby Lake.

Lenovo Miix 510:

A Surface Pro adversary with the ports without bounds

Best windows tablets - Lenovo miix 510
Lenovo miix 510

CPU: 2.71 Intel Core i5-7200U
Graphics: Intel HD 620
Screen: 12.2-inch, 1,920 x 1,080 FHD IPS
Storage: 256GB PCIe SSD
Connectivity: 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0
Camera: 2MP front camera, 5MP back camera

Beats Surface Pro 4 on price, Has USB-C and in addition USB 3.0 No micro SD. Average battery life.

It might be said, the Lenovo Miix 510 is the Surface Pro option that you purchase. When you’re tired of Microsoft’s hesitance to push ahead with its availability practices. USB-C is here, and it’s carried a companion with it; obviously, we’re discussing the – tricky nowadays – USB 3.0. Everything else is correct where you would expect it. While the screen is restricted to 1080p, the Lenovo Miix 510 accompanies a dynamic stylus (with pen circle), a separable Accu Type console and an articulating kickstand for adaptability unbounded. Lamentably, the battery endures most, yet as long as you don’t worry about it depleting following 2 hours and 57 minutes (as indicated by our PCMark 8 test), the Lenovo Miix 510 is a surefire win.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4:

In the first place sending to customers in the fall of 2015, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is a top of the line tablet with discretionary separable console, prepared to match most portable PCs available today. The 12.3-inch display is sponsored by, getting it done design, a sixth gen Intel Core i7, 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD.

Best windows tablets - microsoft surface pro 4
Microsoft Surface Pro 4

As the most recent and most noteworthy, this gadget has a beginning stage of $899, yet will bounce passed $3000 for the design configuration noted above. I had not proposed on beginning our rundown with what is likely the best of the considerable number of Windows tablets accessible today, however here it is.
View at Amazon

ASUS Transformer 3 Pro:

ASUS Transformer 3 Pro T303-1

Best windows tablets - Asus transformer 3 pro
Asus Transformer 3 Pro

What do we have here? Oooh, another Surface Pro 4 contender, yet that is not where ASUS is leaving things, the Transformer 3 Pro, alongside a modest bunch of other new tablets and portable PCs, have a couple of traps up their sleeve. The Transformer 3 Pro has a spec sheet that peruses comparably to other top of the line 2-in-1 tablets available right now, however in the event that efficiency is your thing, you can append this effectively capable tablet to the ROG XG Station 2, making this a full desktop involvement with numerous 4K displays and that’s just the beginning.

While still somewhat precarious to discover in the west, we recognized a posting for the Transformer 3 Pro on Amazon for $1499.99.

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Panasonic Toughpad:

Panasonic ToughPad FZG1

Best windows tablets list: Our best picks - The NewsDoses
Panasonic Toughpad

On the off chance that your way of life requires sturdier things, the Panasonic ToughPad may be the Windows tablet for you. Accessible in a scope of sizes and arrangements, beginning at only 5-inches, there are 7-inch and 10.1-inch variations to be had. A very much prepared 10-inch rendition will get you an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD and a 1920×1200 display resolution.

The best part is that you are taking a gander at military review drop and entrance assurance on the Toughpad. Costs begin around $650 for more established 7-inch models, hope to spend about $2500 on an all around prepared 10.1-inch display, similar to this one from Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S:


The recently launched Samsung Galaxy TabPro S 10 is somewhat of an unexpected launched out of Samsung toward at the end of January. The 12-inch Galaxy marked tablet creases a successor to the line of Android controlled tablets, yet has hit the market fueled by Windows 10. Taking a gander at the spec sheet, the Galaxy TabPro S accompanies a 2160×1440 resolution AMOLED display, Intel Core M3 processor, similar to the one in the Surface Pro 4, 4GB of RAM, 128GB or 256GB of internal storage, USB Type-C and more. There will even be a LTE model accessible for a few markets.

Best windows tablets - Galaxy tab pro S
Galaxy Tab Pro S

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While to recognize if this tablet is satisfying a similar kind of models we’ve generally expected of Windows tablets, their reputation with this line of tablets running Android lead us to be eager to perceive what comes next.

We’ve as of late had the TabPro S in house for survey. We are as yet enjoying this tablet, yet not as much as we thought we would, unfortunately.

So according to budget plan?

One final thing before we go, The devices we explored today were all genuinely top of the line, at any rate they all have sticker prices in portable workstation region. Consider the possibility that you simply need a strong value for the money economical Windows tablet. Stay tuned, we have a “cheap” Windows tablets list in progress, for now, search for something that accompanies a time of Office 365 and attempt to avoid the really cheap devices.

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Here is the one from the best windows tablets to meet your budgets need. HP Stream 7 Tablet croppedI may prescribe the HP Stream 7 for one thing, it will run you a little finished $100 and is a strong little device to go up against the go. Stay tuned for more points of interest, or simply head on finished to Amazon to get one for $148 fresh out of the box new, or $79 in the event that you are alright with a repaired unit and no Office 365.

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That is it for now people, we will be hoping to refresh this rundown as new and energizing Windows tablets hit the market later on, however for now, we think these are the best Windows tablets you are probably going to discover.

Do you have a most loved Windows tablets that did not make our rundown, let us know by leaving below in the comment?

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