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Cuphead Review: Run, Gun, and Have a Ton of Fun

Cuphead Review: Run, Gun, and Have a Ton of Fun

As huge followers of well-made indie platform video video games, we’ve been wanting forward to getting our arms on Cuphead. The second we started participating in it, we had been reminded of some of our favourite indie platformers reminiscent of Super Meat Boy and VVVVVV, although it’s truly a run and gun shoot ’em up. We’re huge followers of wonderful stage design and punishing downside ranges, as long as the experience is rewarding – every of which the game promised since we first previewed it at Gamescom 2015. Both Super Meat Boy and VVVVVV demand perfection, the place dying outcomes in case you occur to lands merely one pixel inside the fallacious course, and the one technique to win is by honing your reflexes to get increased with each try. Cuphead is strictly that kind of sport.

Outside of this, Cuphead’s defining attribute is its deliberately retro actually really feel. The sport’s graphics mimic 1930s cartoons, replete with grainy animations, and the end result appears engaging. The paintings sort is definitely one of the standout parts of this sport — it nearly made us want to find a black-and-white CRT TV and plug our Xbox One into it to play Cuphead.

This sport has a pretty straightforward story that does a barbones job of making you care about clearing quite a few ranges. Cuphead and his brother Mugman reside with their guardian Elder Kettle. The two kids are on a regular basis out adventuring into the woods, and one day they head to the Devil’s Casino run by a scheming chap known as King Dice. The brothers win a lot of money, and King Dice then summons the Devil. In spite of his brother’s warnings, Cuphead takes a wager with the Devil, and loses. The Devil wants their souls, nonetheless presents them one likelihood to keep away from losing themselves, by gathering contracts of others who’ve misplaced their souls.

This is the place you step into the footwear of Cuphead and start participating within the sport. There’s moreover a two-player native co-op mode the place the second participant performs as Mugman. However, the co-op mode raises the problem stage in order that it’s worthwhile to play with any individual who’s good at platformers.

Cuphead is kind of fully about boss fights, and in case you aren’t stopping bosses you could be exploring the world in a top-down view. You’ll meet some characters and talk about to them, and go about in search of secret areas, bonus missions, and boss fights. Each boss battle is easy to hunt out nonetheless very, very robust to win. There are two downside ranges — straightforward and frequent — nonetheless in case you occur to imagine you probably can shortly finish the game in straightforward mode, you’re mistaken. You solely get the contracts of each boss in frequent downside, so to finish the game you’ll positively should up your stage.

The punishing downside is our favourite aspect of Cuphead. While it’s vitally irritating to die over and over as soon as extra, we found ourselves going merely that little bit further inside the stage than sooner than, until we lastly cleared the stage. Each boss has absolutely fully completely different assaults and platforming challenges lined up for you, so Cuphead doesn’t ever actually really feel repetitive. We dealt with our first few playthroughs as an practice in learning the boss’s assaults and then started attempting to defeat it in earnest.

Cuphead can shoot bullets via his fingers and he has specific assaults too. He can dash, soar, switch forward or once more, shoot bullets and use the massive specific assault, and perform a switch known as parry. This switch contains hitting the soar key when Cuphead is inside the air and near any pink coloured enemy or object. Parry helps you kill ghosts or activate certain machines inside the sport. The default controls map dash, soar, shoot, and specific assault to the four buttons (A, B, X, Y), nonetheless these are faraway from ideally suited. We found it a lot easier to play the game with shoot mapped to LT and specific attacked on RT.

cuphead dancing roulette boss Cuphead

Boss fights aside, Cuphead has a bunch of bonus ranges in case you’re taken with rewards reminiscent of new weapons or money. These ranges are merely as tough and some of them are like typical 2D sidescrolling platformers. The boss fights usually occur on one show display screen and don’t include many “run-and-gun” parts, which some bonus ranges provide. This offers a bit further choice to the game and will get a huge thumbs-up from us. If you had been anticipating a platformer like Cuphead’s promoting and advertising and marketing supplies urged, assume as soon as extra. It has further in frequent with the likes of Contra than Mario.

Cuphead is an 11GB get hold of on the Xbox One, which is on the higher side for this kind of sport. Our solely grievance with it are the prolonged loading events. Every time you enter a boss battle, the game makes you look forward to 30 seconds to a minute, sooner than the battle begins.

Considering the reality that the game has modest system requirements on a PC, we uncover this loading time unacceptable. We’d even have cherished it if each stage restarted the second Cuphead died to steer clear of delays, and moreover hitting the Retry selection over and over. Super Meat Boy does this very successfully and we actually really feel it’s a delay which may be prevented in a tough sport reminiscent of this.

If you take pleasure in tough video video games, you may love Cuphead. It has all of the climate of a good shoot ‘em up— satisfying music, good stage design, good assortment of weapons, and a rewarding downside curve. Long loading events aside, Cuphead will get nearly each little factor correct.


  • Punishing downside
  • Excellent boss fights
  • Nice music
  • Variety of weapons


  • Long loading events
  • Lacks instantaneous respawns

Overall rating (out of 10): 9

Gadgets 360 carried out a digitally downloaded consider copy of Cuphead on an Xbox One. It’s on the market as a Play Anywhere title on Windows 10 and Xbox One at Rs. 1,324. It’s moreover on the market for the PC via Steam at Rs. 565.

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