We may have our first look at the bigger google Pixel 2, and huge changes appear to be in store, with another 2:1 screen and slimmer bezels. It may even have a squeezable HTC U11-enlivened edge.

Another, heavy version of Android will soon be upon us and if history is any indicator, not long after that we’ll have some fresh out of the box new Google Pixel phones to anticipate.

The Google Pixel 2 will be a standout among s the most exciting cell phone arrivals of the year. Over the most recent few days, Fox News has given an account of leaked specifications being connected with this prospective mobile release. In this manner, we now know a reasonable piece about how the Google Pixel 2 will turn out, so here is a run down of all that we comprehend and suspect about this cell phone contender.

Design and hardware features:
The plan of the Google Pixel 2 is clearly obvious, especially as Samsung has totally redefined the cell phone specialty with the wraparound Galaxy S8. It is likewise eminent that the first Google Pixel release drew a great deal of feedback, with numerous hesitant to acknowledge the glass segment settled at the top of the device. This plan did you make the Google Pixel emerge from the group, yet not generally positively.

Rick Osterloh, senior VP of equipment at Google, has officially expressed freely that the Google Pixel 2 will be an exceptional handset in 2017, providing us some insight with regards to the plan of this handset. It has additionally been accounted for that HTC has been enlisted to maker various Google Pixel gadgets over a three-year time frame. HTC U11 documents have additionally developed which show that the cell phone maker will without a doubt be included.

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Sources from near the Google inventory network show that the biggest device of the Google Pixel 2 era will hold the glass and metallic mix of the first Pixel. It is likewise conceivable that the Korean producer LG will be included with the “Taimen” codenamed device, which is for the most part accepted to be the Pixel XL 2. Considering that LG is a noteworthy supplier of OLED displays, this could mean, however, that the organization will simply be included with the screen.

Google pixel 2 leaks
Source: Android Police

A lot of what we think about the upcoming Pixels’ design originates from the Android Police render connected before in this article. Google is plainly moving towards the “bezel less” ideal of cell phones in 2017, regardless of the possibility that the new phone isn’t exactly as border less as Samsung’s “Infinity Display.”

All things considered, that bigger screen should address the primary design feedback of the first Pixels: their extensive bezels, which look much sillier now that the Galaxy S8 and LG G6 are available.

The LG Pixel XL will include substantially smaller bezels, yet the same won’t not be valid for the smaller HTC display.

As we noted before, however, it’s less certain whether the smaller Pixel, will get such a noteworthy plan redesign. XDA’s sources describes the HTC Pixel as being “practically indistinguishable” to its 2016 predecessor, “with likewise huge bezels.” That could be disappointing for fans of smaller phones.

XDA additionally proposes that the smaller Pixel at any rate will forego the 3.5mm earphone jack for forward looking speakers, although different reports have not authenticated this claim.

Google pixel 2 leaks
Source: Reddit

Regardless of whether the new Pixels will be waterproof stays to be seen, however it would not be too misguided to expect that waterproofing would be on the table this year, given that both the HTC U11 and LG G6 are in any event ostensibly water-resistant. Water resistance is a desire at the top of the line this year.

Memory and storage:
The Google Pixel 2 keeps on being connected with a to a great degree amazing amount of memory. Venturing up from the last generation in the cell phone series, it is trusted that the Google Pixel 2 will include a stonking 6GB of RAM memory. This is 50 for each penny more than Samsung equipped the Galaxy S8 with prior this year.

Storage options are relied upon to start at 32GB for the Google Pixel 2, with Google prone to abstain from including small scale SD card support in the device once. The premium version of the Google Pixel 2 is well on the way to include 128GB of memory, which could be considered somewhat lean contrasted with some other market contenders.

There has been minimal explicit reportage on the battery limit expected in the Google Pixel 2. In any case, a sensible estimation would be a cell in excess of 3,000 mAh, conceivably with 3,500 mAh being our best estimation now.

Pricing and availability:
Another bit of the puzzle for which we’re holding up to hear more is pricing and availability. It wouldn’t be out of order to believe that the Pixel 2 lineup will make a big appearance towards the finish of October or the start of November, and will keep up a $649/$749 value point for the smaller and bigger phones, respectively.
We’re trusting that Google ups the default storage to 64GB and that the greater part of our spec wishes work out as expected, however we just have a couple of more months to hold up before we think that it all out.