Over the previous year or so, Virtual Reality has surprised the Android market, and Samsung has risen rapidly to set the business standard. In case you’re one of the fortunate ones whose relatives really got the indications you were dropping in the number one spot up to Christmas and are presently the glad proprietor of a Samsung Gear VR headset, here’s a few tips and tricks to enable you to get the most out of your Samsung Gear VR experience.

Powered by Ocular, you can use this gadget for playing games, enjoy 2D/3D content and an immersive 360-degree experience with the organization’s test content accessible. In any case, the substance for VR starting at now is rare, however we can expect more VR content in a year or two.

Here are few Samsung gear vr tips and tricks:

Get rid of lens fog:

Samsung Gear VR tips and tricks
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Samsung forget to deal with this! Despite the fact that, Samsung has dealt with the issues with the Gear VR, the organization has completely overlooked the fog. At the point when using the gadget for long time, the fog is shaped without anyone else’s input leaving the visual substance to some degree blurry. Nonetheless, there are loads of reasonable concoction items intended for scuba outfit accessible that can get your job done. Before using your VR gadget, simply splash the solution on to your fingers rub into every lens. Enjoy!!!!

Charge your phone before you start:

Get begun with your mobile headset.
Or, keep a charger close-by – playing while at the same time charging isn’t fun, the general purpose is this is remote. You’ll need your Samsung phone’s screen very splendid to capitalize on the VR picture so risks are the battery will rundown decently fast, particularly if it’s your first day or so with the headset. Likewise if a group of family and companions are attempting it.

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On the off chance that you have the 2017 (or 2016) Gear VR, you have to space in the correct module for your phone into the front of the headset – microUSB or USB C (the rounder, greater one). Simply check the base of your telephone and match it up.

Get a few earphones and adjust:

Get your on-ears or some in-ears and stick them in the earphone jack of your cell phone. Despite everything you’ll have the capacity to hear companions annoying you however it truly enhances the submersion to get the sound by means of earphones and not your phone’s speaker.

Fix the strap around your head and squirm the headset around before your eyes. There’s likewise an attention dial on the top of the headset which you would then be able to change to get the best picture (however you can’t alter each lens independently).

Turn the seat, not your head:

Samsung Gear VR tips and tricks
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On account of its built-in movement sensors, the Gear VR can perceive your head movements and change over them in virtual space. All things considered, while you are wearing the headset you are virtually blind. We’ve officially heard stories of clients having some really awful mishaps when they are wearing a VR headset, so for security reasons you should just wear the Gear VR while seated. In the event that you use a turning seat you’ll have all the development you required for your VR experience, without the supplementary trip to the Emergency Room.

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Kill notifications:

Imagine this situation: you set up your Gear VR with your earphones, settle down with your game pad all prepared to begin, just for your mom to ring you. To dodge this, you can initiate the “Don’t Disturb” button.

Simply press and hold the back key on the right side of the headset to open the Universal Menu.

Move the on-screen pointer over Do not disturb and after that tap the touch pad to choose it.

For whatever length of time that this alternative is enacted, you won’t get any approaching calls or messages, so you can enjoy with no intrusions.

Have game pad for easy navigation:

Touchpad may frustate you some of the time! Despite the fact that, you have touchpad connected to it for route, it might be tiring here and there when you are the pinnacle of happiness. To stay away from this circumstance later on, we proposes you to purchase a gamepad which authoritatively underpins Samsung Gear VR. There are three variations – Moga Pro Power, Samsung EI-GP20, SteelSeries Stratus XL.

As you may expect, this is not a thorough rundown so we will keep on adding to this after some time. Have you attempted any of these Samsung gear VR tips and tricks yourself? Did they enable you to get the most out of your Samsung VR Gear? Tell us in the remarks beneath.