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Grammarly Is Now on Android as a Keyboard but It's Not Quite There Yet

Grammarly Is Now on Android as a Keyboard but It's Not Quite There Yet

Today, many individuals do nearly all of our writing on our telephones, whereas our PC utilization is getting more and more extra restricted to work. You might sit down on your laptop computer laptop to ship an e-mail to your boss, but you’re possibly typing a lot further textual content material by way of the day inside the kind of textual content material messages, social media updates, and even a lot much less formal emails.

And regardless that reveals get higher, typing on a touchscreen can usually depart one factor to be desired. To velocity up the strategy as a lot as attainable, all of us take shortcuts, so points like capitalisation and punctuation usually take a once more seat to sending a message shortly. Spellcheck can defend us not from misspelled phrases and messages like “c u 2nite”, but errors of capitalisation, article utilization, prepositions and the remaining are sadly method too frequent, and by no means caught by spellcheck.

Enter Grammarly, which can have a take a look at full sentences to analyse your utilization, and suggest corrections the place you would possibly want made an error, and even present enhancements if it thinks you presumably can rephrase one factor to make it sound increased. The service has been obtainable on the desktop as add-ons for diverse functions and even as browser extensions for a whereas now, and it launched as a free Android keyboard on Tuesday.

To be taught the best way useful the Grammarly keyboard is, I put in it on Android and took it for a spin – additionally it is obtainable with out spending a dime on iOS in case you are an iPhone shopper. If, like me, you endure from apostrophe blindness, the place you may sprinkle these small indicators about like salt on a meal – not since you don’t understand the excellence between its and it’s, but purely out of absent-mindedness – then a machine which will maintain a watch on these types of silly errors looks like a good issue to have in your belt.

Details about corrections might be discovered as taking part in playing cards.


The method it actually works is pretty simple. While typing, Grammarly processes the textual content material and any error it notes is flagged with a numbered badge merely above the keyboard – the place totally different keyboards current the spellcheck choices. It routinely corrects misspelled phrases, and in another case highlights choices such as an extra space inside the textual content material, or improper capitalisation. So as an example, as soon as I typed a few traces from notes for a story about blockchain, it corrected bitcoin to Bitcoin, after which taught me that I was using ‘with’ the place I have to be using ‘to’. If you exchange a longer textual content material – such as mail draft possibly – Grammarly will study the full textual content material and supply choices there, and the kinds of frequent errors I’ve seen of us on social media make, like “now I said him” as an alternate of ” then, I told him” are shortly seen and corrected.

In this way, even once you should not have apparent factors in your writing, Grammarly may make a small impression and improve your output. Not harmful for a free app, though there’s an (elective) premium membership which will let Grammarly apply completely totally different presets for everytime you’re writing a letter to your friends, or everytime you’re sending a enterprise proposal. Premium members moreover get the Vocabulary Enhancement operate, the place Grammarly suggests alternate choices to phrases you repeat too usually. It’s a operate that I would undoubtedly make use of, so I’m tempted to get the full mannequin, but Grammarly isn’t glorious.

Although the app does a good job of choosing up on a number of factors, from obvious ones like misspelled phrases to further troublesome grammatical points, it undoubtedly has limitations. For occasion, its success worth with deciding on the correct mannequin of its and it’s is pretty good everytime you’re typing, but it is not fool-proof. When I typed its and it’s inside the earlier sentence, Grammarly wanted to point out them into its and it’s respectively. Aside from this, it moreover had some inconsistent capitalisation on phrases like Bitcoin. The commonest disadvantage I confronted, sadly, was Grammarly accepting my misused apostrophes. This might not be a issue for most people though, as not all people shares my blind spot in route of apostrophes.

grammarly its grammarly

Grammarly isn’t 100 p.c foolproof.


Then there are its shortcomings as a keyboard. It lacks choices like gesture typing (swipe typing), and the strategies when typing isn’t truly good each. There’s not adequate seen strategies everytime you hit the keys, and the overall typing experience felt unsatisfying, like using a bodily keyboard the place the keys are merely rubbery and not at all springy.

Individually, every these shortcomings might be acceptable, but combined collectively, it’s a precise issue and made us must swap once more to Gboard as shortly as attainable. Of course, Grammarly has merely launched on Android, and is fairly new on iOS as properly. Updates and developments will definitely happen as we go alongside and it’s attainable that the Grammarly keyboard would possibly improve on these fronts. At that point, it’ll develop to be a must-have on my phone, but for now, it’s undoubtedly elective. Now in case you may excuse me, I’ve to look at all the apostrophes on this text sooner than I hit publish.

Grammarly Keyboard for Android is on the market free on Google Play. If you’re an iOS shopper, you presumably can get hold of the app on the App Store.

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