In a patent published via the United States Patent and Trademark office on Tuesday, the tech giant “Apple” mentioned a feature that might permit users to call emergency number “while a traditional approach won’t be sensible.”
even though it‘s already possible to name 911 via the lock screen on iOS devicesthis will permit customers to attain out for assist whilst an attacker or assailant is watching, the apple patent said.
The company shows the generation might look for a series of fingerprints or implemented pressure to trigger a 911 call.
“The user may program the phone to recognize input entered with a specific series of finger flowconsisting of pinky-ring-pinky, as a command to make an emergency name,” the patent states.

This indicates it would appear that a device owner is unlocking a smart phone for an attacker but they’re discreetly contacting 911. However “no indication of the execution is apparent.”

Apple patent emergency call
Apple turned its biometric sensor into a secret panic button.

Apple Patent:

The characteristic, which may be programmed to pass passwords and log-in screensmay alert government to a user‘s whereabouts and mechanically pull live audio or video immediately from the iPhone.
The apple patent provides that the era ought to erase or disguise sure private data you may not want to proportion with others, which include social safety numbers or a domestic deal with.

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Apple patent will construct the generation into software program updates — filed patents do not usually see the light of day — however it is a good indication of what’s pinnacle of thoughts for the company. Apple did no longer respond to a request for remark.
Maximum lately, the enterprise rolled out an SOS feature to its Apple Watch to make contacting emergency services simpler. This service will prove to be great in future when the user will have last senses even to call after unlocking the screen and secretly Apple has now the patent.