Immerse and Immerse Plus are an affordable piece of tech revolution enables you to watch at 3-D movies, play games and experience virtual realities through the consolation of your telephone!

The most sought after tool for any modern gamer, this headset is well matched with plenty of content material available to download or watch online.

Features of Immerse and Immerse Plus:

  • Compatible with most smart phones:

Immerse Plus is integrated with an expendable phone holder that may keep smart phones measuring among four – 6 inches wide

  • A variety of Applications are available to download and use:

Immerse Plus is 3D compatible and can be used to host free and inexpensive 3D content. You can download apps from the Play App Stores or watch Side by Side 3D videos directly from the web or you can do even more.

  • A Wonderful design that suits everyone:

Immerse Plus comes with a foam eye cushion, removable window (for use with augmented reality play) , lenses that are adjustable and head strap to make you more comfortable.

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How to use?

1) Open the Immerse Plus Headset by means of pressing the button placed on the top.

2) For your phone, make certain that the desired app has been set up, loaded and prepared to play. Or look for “side by using side 3D” on YouTube to discover an abundance of videos you could revel in.

3) Insert your phone into the tool, ensuring the display faces towards the lens.

4) To adjust the focus, use the switches on the pinnacle of the device.

5) Use the Velcro at the strap to adjust the headset to a secure position.

Applications on Immerse and Immerse Plus?

Here is the list of apps that are available on Immerse and Immerse Plus
Fly Hunter - Augmented Reality GameFly Hunter – Augmented Reality GameLemondo EntertainmentBest Talking Buddies 3DBest Talking Buddies 3DMiracle StudiosGameFit Bike Race PRO - Fitness GameGameFit Bike Race PRO – Fitness GamePOTG AppsJaunt VR - Experience Cinematic Virtual RealityJaunt VR – Experience Cinematic Virtual RealityJaunt Inc.The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2Lions Gate Films Inc.Jurassic Virtual Reality (VR)Jurassic Virtual Reality (VR)Lunagames 2.0Insidious VRInsidious VRFocus FeaturesLG 3D Demo - Stratos (Space) - 3D Side by SideLG 3D Demo – Stratos (Space) – 3D Side by SideKNP Web3D Rollercoaster: Falcon (3D Glasses needed)3D Rollercoaster: Falcon (3D Glasses needed)KNP WebFrozen - Clip (2013) dina Menzel - Let It GoFrozen – Clip (2013) dina Menzel – Let It GoTS3DMovieClipTitans of Space® Cardboard VRTitans of Space® Cardboard VRPEGIVirtual Reality 360° SkydiveVirtual Reality 360° SkydiveGravity JackVR CaveVR CaveVIRTUALWAREAquarium VRAquarium VREON Reality, IncJust Cause 3: WingSuit TourJust Cause 3: WingSuit TourSQUARE ENIX LtdRoller Coaster VR - 3D HD ProRoller Coaster VR – 3D HD ProArea 1Jurrasic VR - Google CardboardJurrasic VR – Google CardboardLunagames Fun & GamesVR Roller CoasterVR Roller CoasterFragMichael Jackson's ThrillerMichael Jackson’s ThrillerGeorge MoonshineDefend SantasDefend SantasRewind FXVolvo RealityVolvo RealityVolvo Cars of North America, LLCFractal Combat XFractal Combat XNEWTYPE K.K.VR Mission HDVR Mission HDSphinx EntertainmentLamper VRLamper VRArchiact InteractiveDinosaursDinosaursUseless Creations Pty LtdCrazy Swing VRCrazy Swing VRFIBRUMFroggy VRFroggy VRFIBRUMRoller Coaster VRRoller Coaster VRFIBRUMKris Menace Virtual EditionKris Menace Virtual EditionMatrix Technolgies UGDive City RollercoasterDive City RollercoasterShoogee GmbH & Co. KGVR Ride - Ocean CityVR Ride – Ocean CityFunky Tokyo ClubAir Race VRAir Race VRFIBRUMZombie Shooter VRZombie Shooter VRFIBRUMCrazy Swing VRCrazy Swing VRFIBRUMFroggy VRFroggy VRFIBRUMCardboardCardboardGoogle Inc.VR Dance ClubVR Dance ClubJackaar SoftwareLamper for Google CardboardLamper for Google CardboardArchiact Interactive LtdRoller Coaster VRRoller Coaster VRFIBRUMTitans of Space™ for CardboardTitans of Space™ for CardboardTour of Space