LG’s CEO issued the order correct after CES.

The yr of 2018 has been an odd one so far for LG. A report bought right here out on January 3 that the G6’s successor wouldn’t be known as the G7 and instead modified with all-new branding, and this was adopted up on January 11 all through CES 2018 the place LG’s Vice Chairman confirmed that the agency was transferring away from yearly flagship smartphone releases.

Now on January 15, a report from The Investor says that LG’s Vice Chairman and CEO, Jo Seong-jin, has issued an order to the agency’s mobile division to halt all current development of the G6’s successor and start over from scratch. We had been initially anticipating this phone to be launched all through MWC this February, nevertheless this announcement now means we’re an inevitable delay.

LG is acknowledged to resolve on a model new launch date all through the Lunar New Year trip (February 15 – 21), and as such, the phone seemingly is not going to launch until April or later.

What does this indicate for the G7 (or irrespective of it is known as) when it lastly hits retailer cupboards? Prior to this announcement, we had been anticipating pretty minor upgrades compared with the G6, corresponding to an OLED present with slimmer bezels, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845, improved cameras, and so on. The provide that The Investor spoke to says that LG “hasn’t been able to find a strong selling point for the G7”, so it will be attention-grabbing to see what LG modifications in an effort to make its phone further attention-grabbing over the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy S9.

Until then, what perform does the LG G7 will need to have in order so to ponder purchasing for the phone?

LG will stop releasing new telephones yearly

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