Some Google Pixel 2 models started receiving an unscheduled Android 8.1 substitute remaining week strategy ahead of the February Patch Tuesday. After receiving the scheduled January security patch earlier this month, some prospects reported receiving a second substitute from the Pixel maker. At the time, there have been no particulars obtainable and the substitute wasn’t displaying up on the official Google’s manufacturing unit pictures internet web page.

The carrier-specific Google Pixel 2 Android 8.1 substitute is a second January substitute that is lastly displaying up on the official downloads internet web page. Carrying the assemble amount OPM2.171019.016, the assemble is available on the market solely for Verizon Google Pixel 2 objects. However, Pixel 2 isn’t the one gadget receiving this specific remedy. Nexus 6P on the Japanese supplier Softbank may be receiving assemble amount OPM5.171019.014; the Telstra and Softbank Nexus 5X objects are receiving a model new assemble too.

The Android maker is however to share what these updates are bringing onboard to these specific objects, as even after arrange of these latest builds, they proceed to be on the January security patch. The January substitute did ship effectivity factors for a wide range of Pixel prospects, however, it stays unclear if that disadvantage was specific to some carriers.

The updates come merely two weeks ahead of the February security patches, which reveals that one factor important is prone to be getting mounted by way of these carrier-specific builds. Some prospects had reported Google Assistant bug was mounted, whereas one different had talked about music playback topic was addressed. While we’re writing to Google to get a affirmation on what exactly is being mounted or improved by way of these updates, it’s prone to be wiser to acquire them asap as an alternative of prepared for the changelog. Here are the direct acquire hyperlinks.

Did you experience any effectivity boosts or some specific bugs getting resolved after placing within the above builds in your Google Pixel 2, Nexus 6P or Nexus 5X? Don’t neglect to share the details with us.

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