div> Luxury options exist in every product category, from clothing to cars. Sometimes you pay more for a custom design, exotic materials or meticulous craftsmanship and sometimes the price is inflated only for a brand name. In the PC world there are limited components to work with, but manufacturers often try everything with functions and building innovations. Lenovo debuted a few years ago with a complicated and expensive new kind of hinge with the Yoga 3 Pro, inspired by metal watchbands. No other company has such a thing, and it is still only found on the most expensive models from Lenovo.

The hinge is not the only premium touch on the new Yoga 920. It joins a select group of non-gambling laptops. that costs about Rs. 1,50,000, and it has high-end design as well as specifications. There is much too much fun on the Yoga 920 on paper, but for this kind of money we are looking for perfection. This is our complete review.

Lenovo Yoga 920 Vibes Edition design

During the international launch event, we saw the Yoga 920 in different metallic colors . In India, however, Lenovo only releases the Yoga 920 Vibes edition, a special edition with a black pattern cover. Lenovo says it has chosen this design from 130 ideas submitted by students from the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, Italy. It should symbolize dynamism, lightness and simplicity, and we like it a lot. The pattern is subtle yet visually appealing, and because it is printed on highly reflective glass, it seems like it has depth and movement. The dull silver frame also contrasts nicely with the dark surface.

Lenovo keeps its watch band hinge for its most advanced products and the Yoga 920 is the latest. It consists of several smaller segments, some of which are dull and others highly polished, and contrasts clearly with the otherwise minimalistic body. This is a laptop that makes people look twice, and whether that is good or not is highly subjective.

The Yoga 920 can be folded backwards and used as a tablet or supported in tent mode. is more stable. With 1.37 kg it is an unruly tablet. You can not sit back and relax with it in one hand or resting against your knees. When they are fully folded, the two halves of the device do not lie flat against each other, so that the upper half tends to dip and bounce back each time you tap the stylus or a finger. You can see this happening in our video review, which is embedded above.

Speaking about this, the Yoga 920 Vibes Edition comes with Lenovo's active pen 2 in the box. It needs a AAAA battery, and fortunately there is an included, because they are expensive and hard to find in India. The Active Pen 2 promises 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity and works with Windows Ink, the framework of Microsoft for stylus compatibility between hardware manufacturers and app developers.

Unlike some other 2-in-1s, the Yoga 920 does not have a lock, loop or magnetic dock for the stylus. Instead, you get a small plastic bracket that snaps into the only USB 3.0 port so that you have the active pen at hand. Other than the obvious disadvantage of blocking the only full-sized USB port on the device, we found this inconvenient because it is easier to release the bracket than to slide the stylus in and out, and the positioning is not ideal with the Yoga 920 in tablet mode. Instead of a convenient way to carry the Active Pen 2 with the Yoga 920, it's just an extra thing to worry about losing.

 lenovo yoga 920 standmode ndtv lenovo yoga 920 "class =" mt-image-center "src =" https://i.gadgets360cdn.com/large/lenovo_yoga_920_standmode_ndtv_1518016567373.jpg "/> </span> </p>
<p> As a laptop there is a lot to appreciate about the Yoga 920. It is relatively easy to carry and comfortable to use.The keyboard is large and well spaced, and even the arrow keys are not too tight, the keys are soft and have a satisfying amount of movement how thin the body of this device is, you can choose between two backlight levels, but there is no automatic adjustment, there is a little flex in the middle of the keybed but this does not affect the writing speed or accuracy, the trackpad is also fairly generously proportioned, there is even a fingerprint reader that works with Windows s Hello for user authentication. </p>
<p> The screen measures 13.9 inches n has a resolution of 3840×2160 (4K), making it incredibly sharp. It looks great from all angles, but is very reflective. The upper and side edges are relatively narrow, but there is a huge chin under the screen. At first this seemed a bit funny, but we forgot about it after a day or two. </p>
<p> There are two Thunderbolt 3 ports on the left, meaning you get all the benefits of USB Type-C plus file transfers up to 40 Gbps with compatible devices and DisplayPort video output. Only one of these ports can be used to recharge the Yoga 920 with the included 65W charger. Standard USB Type-C chargers also work, but slightly slower. There is a 3.5 mm combo audio connection on the left and a standard USB 3.0 Type-A port on the right. There is no SD card slot. The power button is also on the right side so you can reach it in laptop or tablet mode. </p>
<p> Unlike some of its competitors, Lenovo does not include dongles or adapters in the box. We would also have liked a cover or even a microfibre cloth (which could really come in handy). </p>
<p> <span class=  lenovo yoga 920 keyboard ndtv lenovo yoga 920 "class =" mt-image-center "src =" https://i.gadgets360cdn.com/large/lenovo_yoga_920_keyboard_ndtv_1518016876708.jpg "/> </span></p>
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<h2> Lenovo Yoga 920 Vibes edition specifications and software </h2>
<p>Because Lenovo only launches the best Vibes edition in India, there are no options when it comes to hardware – Lenovo thinks that people shopping for laptops in this price range are only looking for the best, so this is the top We have Intel's recently launched 8th Gen Core i7-8550U "Kaby Lake Refresh" processor, with four physical Cores and Hyper-Threading: It runs at 1.8 GHz when you do not do anything heavy, and can completely drive up to 4GHz with one core if needed to perform tasks faster.</p>
<p>You get 16 GB of RAM and one 5 12 GB PCIe SSD, and we would not accept anything less for this price Lenovo uses Intel & # 39; s integrated UHD 620 graphics instead of a separate GPU, which means that very little gaming is possible. The Yoga 920 has JBL speakers and the company's website refers to a software update that comes in February 2018 that allows Dolby Atmos enhancement for headphones. There is also Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.1. Lenovo says the 4-cell lithium polymer battery will deliver 10.8 hours of battery life due to the 4K screen – the variants with full-HD displays can be up to 15.5 hours, but they are not available here.</p>
<p>Lenovo is sending this laptop with Windows 10 Home. Because the Yoga 920 has a touch screen and a stylus, in Windows, icons and other elements are displayed slightly more than normal. The UI scale is set to 300 percent by default because of the incredibly high resolution of the screen, but we found it too high. It effectively gives you the same usable area as a 1280×720 pixel screen, and we were much more comfortable at 200 percent or less.</p>
<p>The Windows Ink workspace is a panel that you can open with a single tap on a taskbar icon. It gives you quick access to apps that benefit specifically from a stylus, as well as the sticky notes and screenshot annotation features of Windows 10 and Microsoft's own Sketchpad app. You can do neat things, like drawing straight lines on a ruler on the screen and placing your scribbles directly on social media.</p>
<p>There are two Lenovo apps on the taskbar: Lenovo Vantage and Lenovo settings. The latter will guide you through a few setup options before you are informed that all its functions have been merged with the Lenovo Vantage app, making us wonder why it is there in the first place. With Vantage, you can check for system updates, perform diagnostics, check your warranty status, download recommended apps, and manage the webcam, microphone, trackpad, and energy savings functions.</p>
<p><span class=  lenovo yoga 920 stand ndtv lenovo yoga 920 "class =" mt-image-center "src =" https://i.gadgets360cdn.com/large/lenovo_yoga_920_stand_ndtv_1518016645116.jpg "/ > </span> </p>
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<h2> Lenovo Yoga 920 Vibes Edition-execution </h2>
<p> The Yoga 920 gave us no problems in daily use. It was pleasant to work with and more than a dozen browser tabs plus several other programs to process without getting fainted The CPU and amount of RAM are more than enough to make Windows feel fast and responsive.We could hear the fan spinning sometimes even if we do not particularly stressful. </p>
<p> In benchmark tests, we discovered that this laptop was pretty solid, we got 3.138, 4.644 and 2.869 points in P The home, creative and working scenarios of CMark 8 respectively. -Ray turned his render benchmark in 3 minutes, 31 seconds, while Cinebenc h gave us scores of 170 and 555 in his single-core and multi-core runs. Especially the performance of SSD was striking, with random read and write speeds of 431.5MBps and 444.9MBps, respectively. We also discovered that the top half of the keyboard became quite warm when the Yoga 920 was pushed to the limit during benchmarks. </p>
<p> High-resolution video, including 4K files, looked great and sounded great. Except that we had to find a corner that did not reflect our skylights, we enjoyed intensely the entertainment possibilities of the Yoga 920. The speakers are at the bottom and can be muted if the laptop is not on a flat surface. They work best in tent mode and are somewhat obstructed in tablet mode. Sound quality is great for a laptop, without distortion at high volumes. </p>
<p> <span class=  lenovo yoga 920 stylusclip ndtv lenovo yoga 920 "class =" mt-image-center "src =" https: //i.gadgets360cdn.com/large/lenovo_yoga_920_stylusclip_ndtv_1518016810905.jpg"/></span></p>
<p>On the other hand, like most ultraportable devices, this machine is not suitable for gaming at all, only a few premium models like the Asus ZenBook UX430U have basic graphic discrete processors and can play with low to medium settings, and the Yoga 920 is not one of them.We have scores of 498 and 420 in the Fire Strike Extreme and Time of 3DMark Spytests respectively: Unigine Valley with 1920×1080 with average quality yielded 18.1 fps. tried some games, but Rise of the Tomb Raider did not even load at 1920×1080.We could do it at 1280×720 with the Low Quality Preset, and still got only 15.79 fps in its built-in benchmark enjoying a fli nk number of casual games and even older 3D games, but if gaming is a priority, this category of laptops is not for you.</p>
<p>So far, we have been deeply impressed by the looks and looks of the Yoga 920 performance as a laptop, but we also spent time with it only in tablet mode. The stylus is comfortable to use and feels very fast. There is no delay and you feel that you are writing directly under the point on the glass surface. It takes some time to get used to the text entry window of Windows 10, but handwriting recognition is usually pretty good. We've tried Microsoft Word and OneNote, as well as several drawing apps and the annotation features in Microsoft Edge, but found that the stylus input is even more new than everyday convenience. Sketching is fun, but there are not many reasons to choose to write or edit documents with a stylus instead of a keyboard.</p>
<p>The battery lasted 2 hours, 2 minutes in our stress-resistant Battery Eater Pro benchmark. In normal use, including a lot of video streaming, the Yoga 920 made it a working day, but had to be connected in the evening. It took a little over an hour to recharge in standby. This is enough good performance for a thin and light notebook, but we think some people would like the option of a full HD screen instead of 4K if the balancing has a nearly 50 percent better battery life.</p>
<p><span class= <img alt=” lenovo yoga 920 tablet ndtv "class =" mt-image-center "src =" https://i.gadgets360cdn.com/large/lenovo_yoga_920_tablet_ndtv_1518016598382.jpg "/>

The Lenovo Yoga 920 Vibes edition attracts attention and that is exactly what many people will love. It is much better as a laptop than as a tablet. but even if you never use it that way, the flexible hinge and the touch screen are great to have. The hardware is top-notch, and it can handle virtually all your office work and entertainment needs without getting sweaty to work. We would have liked a few small conveniences such as an SD card slot, more USB ports and a better way to carry the stylus around, but generally the user experience ence is pretty slick.

Lenovo has chosen to keep to the high end with only one variant that Rs ko st. 1,49,999. It checks all the boxes for an ultra-wearable premium, but it's up to buyers to decide whether they really want to spend as much as alternatives such as the HP Specter series, Asus Zenbook Ultra and XPS 13 from Dell (recently renewed with a new, ultra-thin design) are available at much lower starting prices. Lenovo's own Yoga 720 costs a lot less and is not very different, although the company has not yet recovered with the 8th generation Core CPU. Even in such an expensive niche segment, you have many choices.

Lenovo Yoga 920 Vibes Edition
Rs. 1,49,999


  • Premium, unique appearance
  • Bright, lively 4K screen
  • Good execution in everyday tasks


  • Unwieldy when used as a tablet
  • Keyboard gets hot at stress
  • Awkward needle bracket

Ratings (From the 5)

  • Design: 4.5
  • Display: 4.5
  • Execution: 4,5
  • Software: 4
  • Battery life: 4
  • Price-performance ratio: 3
  • In total: 4

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