Do you like Alexa, but do you think that the Amazon voice assistant is too slow? Amazon is working on a solution to this problem, according to the exclusive report The Information . The online market giant designs its own artificial intelligence systems (A.I.) that add speech recognition directly to devices powered by Alex and allow the voice assistant to respond faster. The goal is to build the equipment into any device with Alexa functions, including Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Plus.

As users of devices powered by Alex have noticed, there is a small delay between submitting a request or request and getting Alexa's answer. This is because a voice assistant must contact the cloud and interpret the command before it can formulate a response. By processing more data on devices than in the cloud, devices should in theory be able to formulate a response faster and act more efficiently overall. Although the device will still have to contact the cloud in search of more complex requests, the addition of speech recognition will eliminate the delay in simple tasks such as time reporting.

In 2015, Amazon acquired the designer of Annapurna Labs systems. The company currently produces A.I. chips specially tailored to Amazon's hardware needs. Amazon is currently in the process of hiring chip engineers at Amazon Web Services, which suggests that the company may also be introducing its own chips for this department.

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