There is simply nothing better than being able to enter your happy place after a long day's work. Thanks to the Paww WaveSound 3 Bluetooth headphones with noise reduction, you can introduce this happy place anywhere, anytime. These headphones fit tightly in your ears and provide you with many hours of auditory bliss while singing your favorite melodies.

Whether it's homework, exercise or just commuting, you can now do these tasks with a smile on your face. The WaveSound 3 headphones provide the perfect balance between noise cancellation, high sound quality and style. In fact, these headphones use the most modern CSR chipset that can block up to 20dB of unwanted ambient noise

When you add smooth Bluetooth connectivity, WaveSound 3 headphones are almost perfect. They are ideal for travel due to their folded nature. These headphones even have a travel case.

With a 46% discount, you can get your own pair of Bluetooth headphones with noise reduction Paww WaveSound 3 for only 79.99 USD.

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