It’ll give you a more grounded Internet connection. Consequently connecting with Wi-Fi may appear like a straightforward and valuable component, yet it’s not when you’re constrained onto networks with poor signal. But it is taken care in iOS 11 update.

One of the most up to date iOS 11 feature will now stop you dependably connecting with networks that have weaker signals.

The element showed up in iOS 11 beta 4 and it will stop you getting irritating warnings as you stroll by Starbucks, McDonald’s or spots lodging other open Wi-Fi hotspots you’ve already associated with.



New in iOS 11: It figures out how to quit interfacing you to crappy WiFi!

New ideas for iOS 11:

The main irritating thing is you’ll need to switch it on for each system.

You’ll have to press the little blue “i” symbol alongside the Wi-Fi organizes inside the Settings menu and turn on the element that shows up called ‘Make a request to Join Networks’.

Regardless of being the first run through this element has propelled for iPhone, this isn’t the first occasion when we’ve seen a comparable thought. Samsung devices have a component called Smart Network Switch that gives you a chance to smart switch that lets you continue to use your mobile data when your Wi-Fi signals isn’t strong enough.

Via: PhoneArena