High-End Gaming is always in trend and only a true gamer can relate it. When we look at a gaming device it is always an assembled PC which is preferred by all. The reason is simple as it has a lot of chances of modifications and you are adding the right component to fulfill your requirements. But when it comes to buying a laptop then you are paying for all the best possible configurations which are added by the manufacturer. So whenever you are confused to buy the best gaming laptops, we will come to rescue you.

The following are our picks for the Top 5 best gaming laptops of 2017:

5. HP Omen 17:

Best gaming laptops - HP Omen 17
Best gaming laptops –
HP Omen 17

A perfect buy from a brand like HP, the new omen has almost everything which will make you go crazy for it. 4k display, 17 inches screen size and an easy weigh 6.3 pounds makes it one of the best gaming laptops 2017 can ever see. HP is the brand known for its great hardware and customer support which means investing in a gaming laptop like Omen 17 is definitely a great idea. The latest HP Omen 17 comes with Nvidia’s Pascal graphics, plenty of storage with a 256GB SSD, Full HD screen and an excellent performance which is affordable too. When you are ready to pay more then go for high range model of Omen17.

4. MSI GT62VR Dominator Pro-005:

Best gaming laptops - MSI GT62VR Dominator Pro-005
Best gaming laptops – MSI GT62VR Dominator Pro-005

Our next recommendation in the section of gaming laptops 2017 is GT62VR Dominator Pro-005 from MSI. When you are a fan of VR gaming and looking for best possible alternatives then this is the device for you only. The Dominator Pro has done incredibly well when it comes to comparison of components and performance which this device carries. VR gaming is the latest thing for gamers and the portability of a laptop enables you to carry your entertainment with you. The display of MSI GT62VR enables you to experience Nvidia’s G-Sync technology, which provides smoother frame rates while heavy gaming sessions. Dominator Pro-005 is loaded with features like FHD screen, USB type C, a ton of storage and a customizable keyboard. All of these features combine to give you a superb performance.

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3. Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming (7567):

Best gaming laptops - Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming (7567)
Best gaming laptops –
Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming (7567)

We know that Gaming is addicting and every gamer wants to play latest gaming tittles hassle free for long hours. When a gaming laptop comes with an 11-hour battery backup then it is a must buy. The latest addition to the portfolio of Dell gaming laptops, Inspiron 157000 is a big yes. Laptops from a manufacturer like Dell are usually known for home and office usage but a gamer knows what he or she needs. Dell has tried its best to compete in this section and all of its efforts are really cool enough to consider this device among the Top 5 gaming laptops 2017. It is light weight and comes with 10-Series Nvidia graphics card at a very competitive pricing.

2. Asus ROG Zephyrus (GX501VI):

Best gaming laptops - Asus ROG Zephyrus (GX501VI)
Best gaming laptops –
Asus ROG Zephyrus (GX501VI)

Asus ROG Zephyrus built with Nvidia’s Max-Q design which makes it a strong contender in innovation and performance. With a thickness of just 0.66 inches only, this device is one of the thinnest Gaming laptops which you will like to carry with ease and comfort. This device comes with a Plenty of ports which includes USB-C with Thunderbolt 3. The battery back of this device is seriously a reason to worry about but the design and the aesthetics will make you compromise. It is a new generation Gaming laptop with a feel of an ultrabook and a performance of an assembled PC. We were impressed by its screen size, display, and speakers which are one of the important things to consider. For Top-end performance and great pricing, Asus ROG Zephyrus is totally made for you.

1. Alienware 17 R4 (2017):

Best gaming laptops - Alienware 17 R4 (2017)
Best gaming laptops –
Alienware 17 R4 (2017)

When it comes to naming the winner among top 5 best gaming laptops 2017 then it is the one and only Alienware 17 R4. This device is known for Top-end gaming performance and is highly configurable. You can’t ignore the Sturdy build and Tobii eye-tracking. You can complain about extra weight but the 17 inches screen size and Advanced features for high-end gaming will satisfy your thirst. You can feel the beast when it starts booting. Many geeks were impressed by the configuration which Alienware 17 R4 carries as it is the upgrade of its predecessor R3 which was also a great device. Alienware never forgets to add the signature elements and here you can also have them in Alienware 17 R4. A Plenty of storage and a Strong array of ports are its USP’s. The Alienware 17 R4 is our top pick for latest gaming laptops which are available in the market.

What do you think about our picks of top 5 best gaming laptops 2017?