Almost a year into Android Nougat and it appears that the time has come for the following major release, Android O. According to David Ruddock at Android Police, the update may be arriving before the actual arranged time as one week from now.

Given that the previous release arrived at an almost-precisely comparable time span (in August), David may be on the correct track. The source has been very solid with regards to new software releases, so there’s that.

While the name hasn’t been confirmed, one of the front sprinters is Oatmeal Cookie, though, Oreo could be chosen too. While not an in fact important detail, speculating the name of Android releases has sort of become an occasion in itself.

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I’d look for the official Google Pixel Android O update to arrive in about seven days. Could be pushed, however that is the course of events for now AFAIK.

What’s New in Android O?

Version 8.0 of Google’s software conveys new additions to the OS like:

  • Project Treble, which makes it simpler to bring consistent software updates later on.
  • SafetyNet, which gives developers a chance to choose whether to support rooted gadgets or not.
  • Autofill
  • Blob emoji and new Themes, among other visual and specialized changes.

Coming to A Pixel Near You:

The new Pixel phones though, won’t be released alongside Android O, as they may follow their predecessors with a September release. It is sheltered to expect that the older Pixels will get the update when it comes out though.

It has been fourteen days since the Developer Preview 4 – or the last developer preview – of Android O was released to developers on July 24th, which means the software is likely at its last phases of completion. The software was first uncovered at Google I/O 2017.