Everyone wants to make their lives easier so here we present to you the most demanded and latest top Kitchen Gadgets of 2017. These Gadgets include

  • Orbi
  • Souschef
  • Cinder Grill
  • Mico
  • ThingK

Orbi – Kitchen Gadget For Perfect ‘Golden Egg’ – Top Kitchen Gadgets 2017

Orbi can scramble an egg inside the shell perfectly within just 20 seconds.

It works by quickly rotating an egg back and forth. This mixes the egg white and yolk inside the eggshell without introducing outside air. The flavor profile is fresh and delicious and it eliminates the need of hand whipping and messy clean up.

The Orbi is easy to use and absolutely hands-free. Place the egg in Orbi, lock it and in 20 seconds you have a perfectly scrambled egg.



‘Golden Eggs’ can be enjoyed hard or soft boiled, deviled or in egg salad, fried, pickled, atop noodles, or as a surprise on Easter Sunday. There are many preparations yet to be discovered, perhaps you will be the first to invent a new recipe? Golden eggs are known to be a delicacy but you’ll have trouble finding a restaurant serving them and there are no appliances designed to create Golden Eggs… until now.








The gif shown some examples. You can make your style.



Souschef: Cook Perfectly Everytime – Top Kitchen Gadgets 2017

World’s first automatic recipe based ingredient dispenser with a smart and functional top



Souschef is the world’s first multi functional kitchen-top storage device. Its 6-in-1 capabilities are:

  • Storage of up to 12 dry ingredients (fine to coarse)
  • Dispense ingredients based on teaspoon, tablespoon and cup measurements
  • Inbuilt memory for recipe storage and all-at-once dispense
  • Serving size based dispensing 
  • High quality wooden chopping board
  • Embedded weighing scale

Souschef ensures you have all the tools to achieve perfection in the taste of your cooking every time, for any occasion. It truly is your sous chef!



Cinder Grill: Cook Food Perfectly

What if you could cook the perfect steak or salmon with 2 minutes of work, every time and any time?

This is nothing like any other grill. Place any meat or veggies onto Cinder – fresh or frozen – and it will cook it to sous-vide perfection. Without the need for water. Cinder also grills and sears your food. Cinder cooks 3x faster than sous vide. Your strip steak will be done medium-rare and seared by the time your sous vide water bath reaches temperature. Gizmodo calls Cinder the “the magical meat machine.”



Cinder is a countertop grill with the precision of sous-vide and the power of a stovetop. With grill plates that stay within 1 degree of your food’s ideal temperature, Cinder provides edge-to-edge cooking with no temperature fluctuations — and it brings this precision to high-temperature searing too!

Order your Cinder through this campaign to get a discounted price and avoid waiting an extra 6-8 months before it hits stores.

You are already accustomed to making consistently incredible meals with sous vide.

But sous vide prep and clean-up take too much time (e.g. water baths, vacuum sealing, plastic bags, firing up the stove afterward). Cinder’s here to make sous vide faster, more versatile, and easier to use. 

The results have professional chefs and sous vide aficionados alike calling CinderrevolutionaryChef Kenji made the world’s best grilled cheese on Cinder. And Serious Eats declared it “excellent.”

Place any fresh or frozen food inside Cinder and it will cook to Michelin-starred perfection.



Dial in a temperature or pair Cinder with the mobile app (Android version coming soon). The app automatically reads the thickness of your food (from Cinder) and tells you how long it’ll take to cook. Cool, right?

No need for checking in or constant flipping. The temperature inside Cinder is so tightly controlled that you could leave it sitting inside Cinder for an additional 2 hours and your food still wouldn’t overcook.

This is truly set-it-and-forget-it. If you don’t regularly have the time to cook — or cook well — Cinder is the last kitchen appliance you’ll ever need.




Cinder’s ceramic plates don’t require butter or oil, so you just put the food in and close the lid. That’s it.




Whether it’s a beep from the grill or a notification from the optional Cinder app, you’ll be told when your food is done cooking — without you having to check.

Next, you can either let it sit at the target temperature and carry on with your other tasks. Or, you can switch Cinder into searing mode. In 45 seconds, you’ll have a restaurant-quality sear with a deliciously caramelized exterior.




When you’re done eating, wipe down the grill plates with a paper towel. There are no pans or pots to clean up, no grills to scrub, no utensils to clean — nothing. (When your food doesn’t burn, there’s no sticky mess to clean up.)

So not only is Cinder set-it-and-forget-it, it’s also zero hassle. Perfect for people short on time.


MICO the NEW way to make delicious microwave meals- Top Kitchen Gadgets 2017

Microwaved meals that you wouldn’t believe possible – amazing results in a fraction of the time
If you’re used to microwave cooking then you’re probably used to the compromises that it brings. Our innovative range of microwave cookware by Mico with Heatwave Technology lets you have perfect snacks in a fraction of the time. MICO – the new method in your microwave!

Picture your lunch. Do dry uninspiring sandwiches and disappointing microwaved leftovers sound familiar? For us here at Glasshouse it certainly did, so we set out to change it. We had an idea; what if you could use your microwave to grill, poach, fry and bake to perfection, delivering the home-cooked taste you love. That is what MICO gives you, lunches and snacks beautifully cooked in a fraction of the time.


MICO is the new method in your microwave. You’ve never cooked like this before; delicious toasties, grilled to perfection, poached and fried eggs with beautifully runny yolks, baked potatoes; crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, all from your humble microwave.





This is possible thanks to new HeatWave Technology
that harnesses the microwave power to deliver
conventional cooking and turns microwaved food from
disappointment to delight.
With MICO, it’s not just your microwave’s turntable that’s revolutionary.



A delicious toasted sandwich is a perfect meal or snack. Melted cheese, coupled with meat, tomato or whatever you fancy can turn the humble sandwich into an indulgent delight. To achieve this you’ve previously had to use a cumbersome toasted sandwich maker; not exactly something you can take to the office with you.

MICO Toastie changes this, sandwiched between the cool-touch silicone outer are metal plates with added HeatWave Technology. This converts the microwaves into conventional grill cooking, meaning your microwave can now beautifully toast your sandwich.



Baked potatoes crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside; the perfect meal. Until now, the only way to make a baked potato is to oven cook for hours, or cook in a microwave and have a soggy mess instead of the ideal crisp potato you crave.

With MICO Potato, you can achieve an oven-cooked taste in just 18 minutes in your microwave. The HeatWave Technology is able to use microwaves to simultaneously cook inside to perfection and crisp up the outside.





A sumptuous runny yolk of a poached or fried egg is something to savour, but if you’ve ever tried to make one in a microwave you’ll know only too well the state they often come out in; hard and devoid of flavour.

MICO Egg is the solution to beautifully microwaved eggs with runny yolks in a fraction of the time. The new HeatWave Technology is able to use microwaves to poach or fry eggs in minutes.








THINGK – Kitchen devices for Internet of Things – Top Kitchen Gadgets 2017

Thingk is a mix of Design, Engineering & Made in Italy. Let’s introduce GK series, composed by GKILO a smart food scale, and CLOGK a timer with touch interface.

GKILO is a dual clock and kitchen scale. Resting on one side, the LED numbers act as a scale, displaying  the weight of any objects placed on it. Flip the GKILO over, and the lights will display the current time. Using simple hand motions, users can easily reset the scale or adjust the time. In stand-by mode the object can be used as paperweight or shelf.
CLOGK is a modern take on the everyday clock. At rest, the CLOGK acts as an eye catching and modern  decorative piece or paperweight. When activated by touch, the wood-like CLOGK displays an analog clock or  cooking timer.

Each Thingk product is developed to be Wireless ready, and in case of great success we are thinking to a stretch goal to supply the wireless module built-in in our products. Moreover, our objects are open-hardware products, so you can wait our add-on or you can make your own wireless add-on, basing on our project.


With this campaign, we would like to bring our first line of products, GK Series, to the next level: we are now in the prototype phase and we hope to switch from prototypes to products. Moreover, we want demonstrate that it’s time for a new class of devices, born for the Internet of Things era.
However, GK series is only the first step towards our dream: revolutionize everyday products, adding internet of things and natural User interfaces.

Combining these skills, Thingk enters in the next Era of med-tech objects, that will be smart, cool and thought for modern User Experience.
We attended the first European Maker Faire in Rome, October 3-6, 2013. Moreover, we won Switch2Product competition 2013, entering in Polihub, startup incubator funded by Politecnico di Milano. Previous Polihub startups were Fabtotum and Ginko Umbrella that experienced successfull crowdfunding campaigns on Indiegogo. It is one of the recommended top kitchen gadgets

Last, we attended Milan Design Week 2014, one of the most important event in the world dedicated to Design objects.

Thingk interview at LiveOn4G, during Milan Design Week 2014.
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