The complete price for Samsung Galaxy S8 is $574 for an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8 from Amazon, and the larger S8 Plus is only $100 more. At $150 off, that is coming OnePlus 5 territory at this time.
Following the Galaxy Note 7 remember and the change to new Galaxy Note 8 features such as a camera, retailers are making space for the better and larger Samsung phone.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Deals:

Amazon’s offer contains every phone’s Midnight Black version. Samsung has the deal on S8 Plus and the Galaxy S8, but includes the midnight Blue version in addition. The issue is many versions.
If you prefer Groupon, the website has Midnight Black models available for the exact prices.

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Galaxy S8 cost drops and the Samsung Galaxy S8 continue in the summer, which every Android phone deal beating at the past, much to customers’ benefit.
View the Samsung Galaxy S8 bargain here

Why? Well, the launch of the Galaxy Note 8 might be playing a role in the cost of both Galaxy S8 handsets.
For shoppers expecting at it cost yet to score Samsung phone, this is a excellent opportunity. And for students looking to snag a phone back to college, this is a tough deal to beat.
One of the drawbacks for S8 Plus and the Galaxy S8 was their cost at launch, but that dropped to this low. And with you can snag a Galaxy S8 case to keep it safe until you want your telephone.