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Litecoin price prediction

Litecoin price prediction

If we look at the history of Litecoin, we can see that the Litecoin price prediction is dependent on the technology update. One of the famous investors said “It excites me to see all of the FUD, and hate that Litecoin & Charlie Lee have been receiving, which means it’s time to buy Litecoin. The road map ahead is also packed with delicious profits. Bought the dip at $42, I’ll be back to say thank you to all the doubters when Litecoin hits triple digits!”

Other currencies have more profit potential in the short term. This could be the only reason to sell Litecoin if you just look for fast profit but Litecoin does have a lot of potential long term.

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Here is a history chart of Litecoin from  Jul 17, 2017 to Aug 16, 2017
DateOpenHighLowCloseVolumeMarket Cap
Aug 15, 201745.8145.8442.2943.31206,081,0002,403,520,000
Aug 14, 201745.8346.5145.4345.80114,402,0002,403,870,000
Aug 13, 201746.5748.0744.3345.81242,565,0002,441,760,000
Aug 12, 201747.0547.6246.2946.43142,065,0002,466,360,000
Aug 11, 201746.4047.3346.4047.10137,644,0002,431,830,000
Aug 10, 201748.0548.5146.5046.50121,661,0002,517,300,000
Aug 09, 201748.5950.2347.1648.01253,103,0002,544,750,000
Aug 08, 201745.9049.3745.7948.63205,565,0002,403,230,000
Aug 07, 201745.1746.4845.1245.80106,560,0002,364,540,000
Aug 06, 201746.8447.3045.1045.10147,891,0002,451,490,000
Aug 05, 201743.4946.9243.4846.86248,320,0002,275,090,000
Aug 04, 201742.8943.7142.8243.45114,810,0002,243,440,000
Aug 03, 201742.1943.1742.1342.8695,497,6002,206,190,000
Aug 02, 201743.0743.2142.0742.13103,557,0002,251,650,000
Aug 01, 201743.0243.7741.0943.04203,656,0002,248,110,000
Jul 31, 201740.3444.0338.9543.02240,821,0002,107,540,000
Jul 30, 201741.1841.8240.0640.4275,746,7002,150,970,000
Jul 29, 201740.5641.3438.7441.12109,945,0002,117,650,000
Jul 28, 201742.2242.4735.9440.61137,556,0002,203,520,000
Jul 27, 201742.3542.6241.3942.1481,714,0002,210,020,000
Jul 26, 201742.2942.7040.6342.23121,389,0002,206,000,000
Jul 25, 201744.4844.7941.0742.24206,307,0002,319,870,000
Jul 24, 201744.1644.8143.2944.41158,532,0002,302,370,000
Jul 23, 201746.6346.6442.9444.06219,257,0002,430,320,000
Jul 22, 201745.7746.8045.4546.56132,333,0002,385,020,000
Jul 21, 201745.0747.4544.5245.76286,020,0002,347,580,000
Jul 20, 201740.9645.4540.9645.02354,802,0002,132,670,000
Jul 19, 201744.3544.4240.5640.86246,377,0002,308,550,000
Jul 18, 201742.6245.3341.4744.30380,816,0002,218,090,000
Jul 17, 201741.1943.0740.1742.67355,036,0002,142,760,000

Here is a chart showing the fluctuations that can help in Litecoin price prediction

litecoin price prediction


Here we can see that the price of Litecoin had a great rise in the start but the price decreased and was almost stable till 2016. After 2016 the price started increasing rapidly and it crossed the price that was in 2014 (the start of Litecoin). Since the world started adopting the cryptocurrency, the price of litecoin is increasing since then, it is still way less than Bitcoin and Ethereum but investors say that there is a chance that it will go above them someday!

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