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Best tips for Bixby

Best tips for bixby to get it done what you want

Bixby Voice for Samsung’s Galaxy S8 delivers a pocket assistant that you can talk to be able to get things done. But if you cannot seem to get Bixby to do what you’re asking, then this assistant could be more of a hassle when compared to a help. That’s why we’ve come up with best tips for bixby to get Bixby Voice to pay attention when you give it a command!

Table of Contents:

  • Ask Bixby to open an app
  • Check compatible apps
  • Be specific Take the right time to teach Bixby
  • Use Quick Commands

Best tips for Bixby:

Ask Bixby to open an app:

When you’re trying to get Bixby Voice to complete a particular task for you, the first thing you’ll want to do is ask it to open an app. Saying “Hey Bixby, Open my Calendar” will start your Calendar, but once you’ve an app opened up, you can ask it to complete specific tasks without causing confusion for your pocket assistant.

Taking the extra moment to ask Bixby to open an app before giving her specific commands means that she’ll know which app you’re talking about, and you will have a better shot to getting things done correctly the very first time that you ask.

Check compatible apps:

Best tips for Bixby

While Bixby already works with many apps, and Samsung is adding more to that catalog, it does not include everything definitely. If you want to be sure that Bixby is capable of doing what it is being asked by you to, double-check that the app you’re talking about is compatible with Bixby.

There is a full set of every fully compatible app that you have access to. {In addition|In addition to that}, if a look is taken by you at Bixby Labs, these are apps that are being tested with Bixby currently. They may well now lack full functionality for, but knowing whether the app you want Bixby to use is available is key to setting it up to do what you want it to.

Be specific:

When asking Bixby to complete an activity for you, be sure that you’re being specific. Just asking her to do something vague isn’t going to do you any favors. By being quite specific when you talk to Bixby, you’ll be in much better straits to have the app do what you’ve asked it to on the first take to. By saying “Bixby do I have anything on the Calendar for August 22, 2017? ” it’s easier for it to complete my request in a single try than if I say “Bixby what’s happening next week? ”

When you are as specific as possible, Bixby will be able to understand exactly what it is being asked by you to do without clarification needed.

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Take the right time to teach Bixby:

Every right time that you have Bixby complete a task for you or answer a question, the ability is had by you to teach Bixby and give feedback. In some full cases, Bixby quickly gets the picture, but if you find that the app is mishearing your words regularly, then you’ll definitely want to correct it.

Bixby learns by getting together with you, and the better it understands you and what you’re asking, the easier time it shall have to complete all of the tasks you set.

Use Quick Commands:

Best tips for Bixby

Quick Commands with Bixby Voice gives you access to customizing your experience really. By building your own quick command, you’ll be able to launch specific actions with a phrase that you choose.

This means you can create phrases that will launch what you need them to do automatically. For example “Take me to Mom’s House” can automatically launch Maps and start navigation to your desired location. By setting up a cadre of Quick Commands, you can continually be sure that your verbal commands are fulfilled correctly by Bixby.


Do you still have questions about Bixby to get it done what you want? Will there be a tips for Bixby Voice that we must have included here? Let us know about any of it by dropping us a comment below!

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