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Nokia 6 Price in India

Nokia 6 Price in India, Review, Specs and More.

Nokia 6 Price in India:

Nokia had introduced the Nokia 6 in India back June, and registration because of its sale started last month, well, the telephone is now available in the united states. Those of you who are interested in getting Nokia’s budget handset, and have registered for its sale, can do this exclusively via Amazon India. If you didn’t get a chance to register for the Nokia 6 sale, you can do so for the sale that may take place on August 30, and if you’ve registered for today’s sale, and didn’t get a chance to purchase it, you will be automatically registered for the August 30 sale. Nokia 6 Price in india is 14, 999, so you’ll need to reserve Rs. 14, 999 ($234).


Nokia 6 Price in India

Mobile comes in Matte Black, SIlver, Tempered Blue and Copper color variants. Nokia had also prepared a number of launched offers in agreement using its partners, and the ones launch offers include a Rs. 1, 000 ($16) cash-back for Amazon Prime members which choose the device using Amazon Pay balance, while Vodafone consumers will get 10GB of data (9GB additional data) monthly on purchase of 1GB data for 5 months. These are only some examples, there are always a couple of more offers that exist. The Nokia 6 is manufactured out of metal, and it sports a set of capacitive buttons below the display.



The Nokia 6 sports a five. 5-inch fullHD (1920 x 1080) display, along with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of expandable storage. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 430 64-bit octa-core SoC fuels the Nokia 6, while a 3, 000mAh battery can be found within this phone as well, which is not removable. A 16-megapixel shooter is positioned on the trunk of the Nokia six, while an 8-megapixel snapper is placed on the phone’s front side.

Nokia 6 Price In India

Android 7. 1 . 1 Nougat comes pre-installed on the device, which phone offers two SIM card slots (hybrid dual SIM setup). The Nokia 6 also contains two speakers, and dual smart amplifiers. The Nokia 6 measures 154 x 75. 8 x 7. 8mm, although it weighs 169 grams. If you’d want to read more about the Nokia six, maybe you’re thinking of purchasing one, have a look at our full review of this smartphone.


Nokia 6 Price in India

Budget phones certainly need to cut back using areas to keep the costs down, and Nokia has skimped in the worst possible way. The Nokia 3 was dogged by terrible performance, and the Nokia 6 is hamstrung in a similar way.

As Snapdragon 430 CPU and Adreno 505 GPU used here simppley cannot afford the big 1080p display. Snapdragon 430 CPU and Adreno 505 GPU has already been updated to the 435, which can be used in the cheaper Vodafone Smart V8.

Lag is common and constant, mostly in infuriating instances such as for example scrolling through websites and image-heavy apps like Instagram. It’s the type of day-to-day performance.

Here comes the Gaming part, as GPU is basic so which means intensive titles are slow and full of dropped frames are as expected. You’ll be able to load Real Racing 3 and Injustice 2, which will be something, but it’s a far greater experience in the event that you stick to simpler titles.

It appears that Nokia must have either lowered the screen resolution or gone with a processor from the Snapdragon 6-series range, that will be more suitable for a five. 5-inch 1080p phone. This might have raised the price, however it would have made a big difference.

Battery Life:

  • Can last you a day, just, with average usage
  • Charges slowly; thirty minutes gives you around 10%

The Nokia six comes with a non-removable 3, 000mAh battery that may see out a day on a single charge with general usage, but don’t are expecting anything more than that.

Considering this handset is bigger than the Nokia 5 it’s a shame that a bigger battery hasn’t been squeezed in, as you’ll end up running out of juice before the day is over in the event that you spend a few hours streaming music and doing offers.

From taking the phone off charge at 7am, and spending around 90 minutes streaming Spotify while also playing games for roughly 40 minutes of this time, the Nokia six generally dropped about 20% of its life by 9am.

Should i buy it?

The Nokia 6 is a solid buy when you consider its price, even though power users might want to avoid them due to the battery life, most will find the Nokia six fits the bill nicely.

However , if you are less worried about design, the Moto G5 and G5 Plus offer better all-round performance for a similar price.
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