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iPhone 8 encased
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Sources Confirmed News About iPhone 8 Wireless Charging

As we draw closer to Apple’s September iPhone occasion, the rumor mill simply grows louder. And among the loudest rumors, one we have been hearing since few months, are about iPhone 8 Wireless Charging.

Today we could, with a fair amount of assurance, affirm that rumor of iPhone 8 Wireless Charging.

The rumor mill starts turning in a frenzied rate in the months leading up to a launching event of the size. Tips come from the truckload, and a few, if any, of those revelations can be verified — although rumors are matched up with by many, and finally prove to be right. It’d be reckless to do this without corroborating evidence, although they could be published by us.

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Confirmation of Rumours about iPhone 8 Wireless Charging:

Now, TNW managed to affirm (with two separate sources) which Apple is really thinking about incorporating iPhone 8 wireless charging. One of those sources chosen to go on the listing. Citing sources Knowledgeable about the subject, Allen Fung, GM of the other mobile accessory manufacturer, RAVPower, states:

“Our sources inform us the iPhones have technology for wireless. Our charger will charge the iPhones in addition to having the ability to control mobile devices.
RAVPower’s wireless charging channel for your own iPhone 8.”

RAVPower’s iPhone 8 Wireless Charging station
RAVPower’s wireless charging station for the iPhone 8

The accounts of both source fit this season the rumors heard. When coupled with the change into a glass rear (in the present metal one), which functions as a much better conduit for wireless charging — even though charging via a metallic back has become possible, as a result of Qualcomm — we still think it is safe to say the 10th production iPhone will surely feature charging charging.

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We will take what we could get — while rumors earlier this year indicated a solution — one which featured charging by Energous that enabled a device to control from the room. And what we could get for today, seems to function as Airfuel or even Qi protocols — wireless charging keep contact. Apple Watch already utilizes the Qi protocol, though slightly altered so that it does not utilize official Qi chargers.

We can not confirm whether Apple will utilize a version of this which makes all of our lives unhappy, or the Qi protocol.

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