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Best Verizon Phones

Best Verizon Phones

From top to budget, and Android to iOS (and even Windows Phone), now we have look at the mobiles Verizon offers and decided which are the very best choices in a lot of classes. These options are based upon these phones’ value compared with the cost Verizon is currently charging. No matter your requirements, we are able to find you the Best Verizon Phones according to your budget and requirements.

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Best Verizon phones for each budget:

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Best of the best: Samsung Note 8:

$40/month or $960 total

Check out all Samsung Galaxy Note 8 offers on Verizon beginning from $40/month.

The Galaxy Note 8 will probably be on peak of the food chain at the smartphone marketplace for a while to come. After the collapse of the 7, the Note 8 includes good promise as this Galaxy S8’s version. It has power dual-12MP cameras around the trunk, under the hood, a sharp display with the signature of Samsung curved borders and it includes the S Pen for functionality. Verizon will allow you to spread that cost out over 24 weeks, although all of this comes at a cost.

Moto Z2 Force Edition

Greatest Android: Moto Z2 Force variant

$31.50/month or $756 total

Have a look at all Moto Z2 Force offers at Verizon beginning from $31.50/month.

We may have given even the Galaxy S8 to the sake of variety, or the Galaxy Note 8 again this place. We’ll highlight another Android phone that delivers some perks that smartphones can compete with. The Moto Z2 Force is a smartphone which could have mods like a camera, an optical camera lens plus a battery package, or a pico undertaking. The mods are bought and attach to the strong and slender Moto Z2 using a snap that was simple. Off it, the phone contains dual-12MP cameras on the trunk, and contains a 5.5-inch QHD shatterproof screen.

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iPhone 7 Plus

Greatest Apple cellphone: iPhone 7 Plus

$32.08/month or $769 total

Check out all iPhone 7 Plus offers on Verizon beginning from $32.08/month.

For now, the iPhone 7 Plus is still the very best phone Apple offers, which make sit the finest Apple phone Verizon provides. If you would like to jump onto a brand new Apple phone at this time and can not await the iPhone 8, you will still be a getting a excellent phone from the iPhone 7 Plus. It’s a sizable 5.5-inch display and dual-12MP cameras around the trunk, together with a selfie shot on the front. Running iOS ensures a easy and smooth user experience. Here is our evaluation of Apple’s flagship handset.

Apple iPhone SE

Best value phone: Apple iPhone SE

$16.66/$399 or month total

Have a look at all iPhone SE offers at Verizon beginning from $16.66/month.

Apple’s iPhone SE is among the most economical ways to acquire an iPhone encounter, and it is not a lot of sacrifice either. The phone has a good build quality, comes packing a 12MP camera capable of 4K video catch, and it begins at a great price. It, and that fits into a pocket because of its form element that is smaller.

Microsoft Lumia 735

Best affordable cellphone: Microsoft Lumia 735

$5/month or $120 total

Check out most of Microsoft Lumia 735 offers on Verizon beginning from only $5/month.

You do not need to pay a lot to have a experience that is strong. The Lumia 735 comes with an 4.7-inch HD OLED display, a very long battery life, and may have its storage area enlarged big time as a result of a MicroSD card slot. It runs Windows Phone 8.1, also includes Microsoft’s electronic assistant, Cortana, constructed in. It is not the mobile experience, but it is difficult to beat at $ 5. Watch our overview of this Nokia 735 to find out more.

Choosing your Phone:

As soon as you’ve discovered the phone you need, ensure that you discover the best Verizon program. You Will Want to see all the best verizon plans.

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