Wednesday, August 16, 2017
iPhone 8 leaks Back

Apple iPhone 8 to test 5G Connectivity, FCC Licensing Indicates

Apple has supposedly gotten Federal Communications Commission (FCC) endorsement for testing 5G wireless broadband — it has been conceded consent for tentatively testing millimeter wave innovation at two areas in Milpitas,...
ios 11 new features

This could be the most useful feature of coming new iOS 11 Update

It'll give you a more grounded Internet connection. Consequently connecting with Wi-Fi may appear like a straightforward and valuable component, yet it's not when you're constrained onto networks with poor signal....
iPhone 9 3D Concept

Yet samsung’s best phone could be iPhone 9

As the world braces for the iPhone's huge 10 year anniversary not long from now, chatter is as of now rising about one year from now's next variant, informally named the...
Apple Patent SOS Feature

Apple patent emergency call secretly to 911 using fingerprint

In a patent published via the United States Patent and Trademark office on Tuesday, the tech giant "Apple" mentioned a feature that might permit users to call emergency number "while a traditional approach won't be sensible." even though it's already possible to name 911 via the lock screen on iOS devices, this will permit customers to attain out for assist whilst an attacker or assailant is watching, the apple patent said. The company shows the generation might look for a series of...
Google pixel 2 vs iPhone 8 vs samsung note 8

Google pixel 2 vs iPhone 8 vs Samsung Note 8: Battle of flagships

Prior to the year is out the cell phone market will witness a noteworthy fight, to be specific Google Pixel 2 vs iPhone 8 vs samsung Note 8. These three premium...
Best VR Headsets for iPhone - xiaomi mi vr play

The best VR headsets for iPhone users

The great VR headset transformation is well and genuinely in progress, and in light of the fact that you claim an iPhone as opposed to an Android cell phone doesn't mean...
iPhone 8 leaks Back

iPhone 8 leaks – release date, price, design, news, rumors

Rumors and iPhone 8 Leaks:iPhone 8 release date:iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus were launched on september 2017Marginally later October 2017 date for the all-screen iPhone 8Apple has lainched new iPhone...