The appropriate response why vertu phones are so expensive, more or less, is selectiveness, materials and services, says luxury phone maker Vertu.

Its new Signature Touch phone was launched before and costs between $10,000 and $22,000.

Features of vertu new launched phone:

Features of that android phone includes a 4.7-inch full HD display screen, protected by sapphire crystal, a 13 pixel camera with a dual LED flash and Dolby advanced virtual sound.

Another reason of costly phone is having a sapphire screen:

Individuals believe it’s quite recently elegant glass. It isn’t. Saying that resembles contrasting custard and steel. If you are talking substances, sapphire is the second hardest thing on the planet after diamonds. It’s not discovered, it’s developed. You take a little seed precious stone and place it into an impact heater that is running at 2000-degrees centigrade. At that point you drop aluminum oxide on finished it, and gradually it develops. It requires a long investment. Two weeks for every screen at any rate. At that point you need to cut it, crush it down, and clean it, all utilizing diamonds. Only a single screen has a six-month lead time from requesting it to getting it. Be that as it may, the outcomes are fantastically scratch-safe. Really, it is five times more stronger than glass.

So toughness is something you’ve given particular consideration to?

If you take a look along the edge of this phone, you will see metal ‘protect rails’. These are really produced using strong review five titanium. It protects everything inside the phone, and gives structure to that additional hard screen. This titanium is a similar stuff they use in fly motors, it’s twice as solid as general titanium.

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Other Great services:

Virtue utilizes a simple analogue clock, which is somewhat dated if I am straightforward. However, when you consider it, it gives you a chance to see 12-hours into the future at any given minute. We have used this, so schedule warnings fly up. It’s a more rich arrangement, which is what really matters to us. Putting top of the line luxury with the new innovation, and doing as such in style.

Something else is that:

Magnesium shell is additionally used to assembled the phone which is amazingly light material .

So its straightforward you are paying for the equipment which is uncommon, novel , costliest, more grounded and light-weighted in the meantime. What’s more, on request they can use a few gems or valuable stones if u need.