February 16, 2018 : Watch the brain-twisting game Dere .exe – Please Do not Play This Game (yes, that is the full title of the game). Make sure you look at the big update of Vainglory that added 5 vs 5!

Dere .exe – Please Do not Play This Game

When I see a game with such a title, I have to play it immediately. Do not tell me what to do!

This game will shock you, because it contains a meta-story that hits the fourth wall before you even load it. The idea here is that this game has been corrupted by some mysterious woman and the description in the Play Store is literally begging you to stay away from playing this game. I compare it to another game I like, Icey, because they both play with your expectations.

But if you choose to play (and you should do that) you get a very challenging platformer full of anger-inducing traps and really difficult sections that make you want to stop … but then the game will throw something at you from the left field and you will immediately hook into it again.

There is a random warning at the first loading screen for this game that warns that it is not for the weaker of the heart, and without spoiling anything that will ruin this game with you. There are a few pretty excellent jump scares here and a disturbing vibe creeps as you progress through the game.

Dere .exe can play for free with ads, with the option to remove them with an in-app purchase. I played it with the ads and if I’m honest, I would have preferred it a bit because I needed them to break the overwhelming atmosphere that this game creates. Strongly recommended!

Download: Dere .exe – Please Do not Play This Game (Free w / IAP to Remove Ads

Vainglory 5V5

This week, Vainglory released a gigantic update that is a new 5 vs. 5 game mode that certainly makes this a game that is worth to be re-watched.

Vainglory is a real-time PvP MOBA, developed by Super Evil Megacorp and is perhaps the best representation of the genre on mobile. There are more than 35 playable characters to unlock, each with unique skills and playing styles. 5 vs. 5 matches can get pretty crazy, but since Vainglory is designed as high as 120 frames per second, you should not have too many problems with lying in the heat of the fight.

Vainglory is free to play with coffins and treasure hunts, but it is also an upcoming eSport, so if you really get well, you can play professional football in international tournaments for money and prizes!