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Garbage, Junk and Furniture Removal in NJ

We Are The Cheapest!

Sometimes it can be tough to find fast, cheap junk removal in Paterson NJ that you can trust. Well, you can trust us here at Jersey Cleanouts – Cleanouts Paterson NJ to get it done quickly and cheaply. From downsizing in retirement to cleaning out the attic so you can make some room, Jersey Cleanouts – Cleanouts Paterson NJ gets it done quickly and cheaply.

We can be at your property the same or next day as your phone call in most cases. People choose Jersey Cleanouts – Cleanouts Paterson NJ for these top six reasons:

  1. Flexible weekly hours from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  2. Cheapest service in town
  3. Licensed and insured workers
  4. Free no-obligation quotes
  5. Friendly, timely, and uniformed professionals
  6. GPS-enabled fleet

When all that junk has built up to an unsafe, annoying and unsightly level, don’t let it accumulate and overwhelm the space. Instead, call Jersey Cleanouts – Cleanouts Paterson NJ for same day service, cheap rates, and convenient hours.

Our Junk Removal Company in Paterson: We Do the Heavy Stuff

Doesn’t matter the size or shape, junk can get very heavy. Why tweak your back when you can just call us to do it? Jersey Cleanouts – Junk Removal Paterson NJ brings the equipment and muscle to remove all your junk – FAST and affordably in Paterson.

Convenience is the foundation on which Jersey Cleanouts was built. As such, we can handle the following seven days a week:

  • Office and building cleanouts
  • Estate cleanouts
  • Whole house cleanouts
  • Garage cleanouts
  • Junk removal

No matter how many truckloads you need to de-clutter your yard and home, Jersey Cleanouts can do it, backed by flexible payment options that make it affordable to take the following items off your hands.


Jersey Cleanouts – Clean Outs Paterson NJ takes:

  • furniture
  • patio sets
  • old appliances
  • decks
  • junk cars
  • swing sets
  • basketball hoops
  • hot tubs
  • household items
  • above-ground pools
  • sheds

Construction debris removal

  • concrete slabs and chunks
  • lumber
  • asphalt
  • trees
  • shingles
  • waste materials
  • scrap metal
  • rubber
  • wood

Demolition debris removal

  • Exterior material pick-ups
  • Interior material pick-ups

Where else can you get a one-stop-shop for comprehensive, quick trash removal? Instead of searching in vain for “clean outs near me,” make the call to Jersey Cleanouts with the attentive and cheapest service in your neighborhood.

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Want a free quote right now? Just call us at 732-414-6263. We can book your same-day appointment whenever you call.