COVID-19 World: The Staycation

Staycation is a good thing for home service providers!

Now, more than ever, there is a lot of hope for industries that cater to homeowners, stay strong during this uncertain time. Many states are adopting what are “essential services.” One thing for sure is that homeowners won’t be vacationing far from home, they will be making STAYCATIONS. This is a great opportunity for businesses that cater to home services: lawn service, house cleaning, sanitizing, painters, handy-man, construction – no one wants a funky yard or house – you know what I mean.

There’s good news for home service providers as homeowners plan to hunker down through the summer.

COVID-19 is a major set back to homeowners. In a self-quarantined/social distancing world, home confinement is a burden on everyone in the household. So, the home staycation is REAL – especially this season!

Here are my recommendations:

1. Don’t stop advertising & promotion! Now is the time to reach out to your consumer base with individualized information and offers. We can help to get your message out and overlap into social media campaigns, retargeting, and paid ads. Homeowners will research the internet and make plans to build a reason to enjoy their home and staycation.

2. Offer Social Distance Service options. We can help to add online payment forms. Customer interaction will change due to COVID-19. They are going to expect options for distancing – This won’t change for the next year. As a small business, you need to continually adapt and change, if you remain the same, be prepared to be left behind. It’s a promise.

3. Employees – This is a great opportunity to hire.  With high unemployment, this is a perfect opportunity to hire and train a new team. This is especially true for outside service providers where social distancing standards can be easily established.

4. Staycation & Vacation Safely at Home – Now is the time to market “staycation fun” and a theme of “vacation at home” and build your services around the theme. With the government stimulus, small businesses can keep employees working without killing their cash flow.

5. Service, Repair & Maintenance– With the increase in staycations, there will be an increase in all home service and renovation projects. Consumers will want to be comfortable and safe at home while enjoying the benefits of family and a nice place to hang out.

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