Top 6 Tips For Hoarder Cleanups

Hoarder Cleanups NJ: With as many as 1.4 million people in the United States labeled as hoarders, it’s true that hoarding is a very real mental health issue in this country. Whether you are the one struggling with this disorder, or a loved one is, it can be very overwhelming and frustrating not knowing where to turn.

But when you have made the decision to clear away the clutter, it’s vital that you partner with a professional who is skilled in performing hoarder cleanups, as they bring compassion and efficiency to the task.

Check out these tips for making hoarder cleanups go more smoothly.

1.   Get Rid of Trash

First step before you can reasonably clear away all the other clutter? You must throw away all the actual trash first, as garbage can lead to health and safety issues. Pick up some trash bags and start filling them with containers, wrappers, old pet food, and rotten food items.

2.   Create a Plan

The ability to check off small items every day can go a long way toward making a hoarder cleanup more easily digestible. Now it’s time to come up with a plan of attack for the rest of the stuff. Determine a timeline for completion, listing tasks by room. From an emotional perspective, it’s easier to clear junk when you can tackle it in baby steps.

3.   Group Similar Items

Now you have to figure out what stays and what goes. Create four piles: one for donate, one for keep, one for trash and one for sale. When you group your items in this way, it makes it easier to categorize them while determining what to do with each.

4.   Be Realistic About Value

Many people who suffer from hoarding tendencies believe their jewelry or collectibles are worth far more than they actually are. This is often why they tend to hold onto things for years. But in reality, those items are virtually worthless in monetary value.

Try to be realistic about what your items are worth. If you’re dealing with a loved one who is having a tough time letting go, do some research on each item and show them the results. This way, they can see in black and white how little they’re worth.

5.   Clean Each Room as You Go

Take the time to actually clean each room as you de-clutter it. Handle the process of cleaning one room before moving onto the next, using sanitizing wipes, mops and cleaners.

6.   Make a Vow to Consistently Declutter

It’s very easy to fall back into bad habits after you have gone through the initial hoarder cleanup project. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help sticking to a plan and learning to declutter regularly. Come up with a new mindset about the importance of material belongings. For some hoarders, it can be a group effort within a family to ensure the hoarding doesn’t get to unsafe levels again in the future. For others, this may involve therapy of some kind.

Following these tips for hoarder cleanup may provide you with a refreshing perspective on life so you can start living clutter-free again.

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