Top 7 Tips for Cleaning Your Chandelier

Chandelier Cleaning NJ: You’re probably very proud of the chandelier in your home or business, taking center stage in your living room, staircase, foyer or lobby. But if you neglect cleaning it regularly, all that brilliance and bright light will be dimmed as it gets caked with dirt and dust over time. Now is a great time to do some chandelier cleaning!

You should always hire a professional for this delicate task, but here is a handy guide on how to clean your chandelier if you want to attempt it yourself.  In general, chandeliers should be cleaned at least once a year, or whenever they start to look dull.

1.   Create a Plan

Prior to starting any cleaning, you should first come up with a plan. Because most chandeliers feature complex hanging patterns for their crystal or glass accents, it can be difficult figuring out how to put it back together again after dismantling and cleaning. Take a photo before you clean it so you’re not left in the dark.

2.   Get Proper Supplies

Grab a step ladder so you can safely reach the fixture, than place some pads or drop cloths underneath the work area. Now, if a glass or crystal prism is dropped, it won’t shatter. This also provides a covering for flooring, furniture and tabletops so debris doesn’t gouge them. Don white gloves and use a soft, lint free cloth so you don’t leave streaks or fingerprints.

3.   Switch Off the Power

Chandeliers are electrical fixtures, so you could get electrocuted if you’re not careful. Turn off the power at the wall switch and put tape over it so no one else accidentally flips it on upon entering. For added safety, turn the power off at the breaker box. It’s best to clean your chandelier on a bright, sunny day so you don’t have to augment with extra lighting sources.

4.   Decide on a Method

Some people prefer to clean their chandeliers with the crystal or glass on, while others prefer to take the glass or crystal accents off and clean them separately. It’s your choice. But if you want to do the most thorough job and you have the extra time, take all the accents off first, clean them, and then add them back on. This allows you to reach all nooks and crannies on the main portion of the chandelier. If you don’t have a lot of time, leave the accents on.

5.   Don’t Rotate the Fixture

Whatever method you choose, don’t twirl or rotate the chandelier. Instead, clean in sections, walking around it and adjusting your ladder every few feet. If you twist the chandelier, you could loosen its support system, which could lead to a fall.

6.   Switch Out Bulbs

Do you notice any dim or broken bulbs while cleaning? Take the time to change them out now – particularly if the chandelier is difficult to reach. Heed the recommended wattage for the fixture.

7.   Clean the Fixture

Place a homemade cleaning solution of one part isopropyl alcohol and four parts distilled water into a spray bottle. Spray some on the cloth, wiping down small sections at a time. Dry immediately using a separate cloth.

Avoid ammonia-based cleaners because they can remove the finish from gold or silver metal hooks that are used to fasten the glass or crystal elements.

If you want to take off the accents to clean them, place them in a bucket or sink full of warm, sudsy water and a mild dish soap. Dry thoroughly.

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