Should I Flip My Memory Foam Mattress?

If you’ve ever had an innerspring mattress, you probably flipped it every 6 months. If you’ve graduated to a memory foam mattress, you may be thinking about flipping it. Flipping a memory foam mattress is not ideal. Yet, there are many options for making your memory foam mattress more comfortable.


Should you Flip Your Memory Foam Mattress?

Many mattress styles can be turned over but memory foam is not one of them. Memory foam mattresses are best rotated than flipped. Rotating the mattress ensures you’re enjoying every square inch. Therefore, do not flip memory foam mattress.

The design of memory foam mattresses has a base layer of foam with the memory foam as the sleep surface. Flipping memory foam mattress will have you seeping on the wrong side.

Can you Flip Tuft and Needle Mattress?

A Tuft & Needle mattress is designed in layers like most foam mattresses. The base layer of foam is firm and made to support the sleeps space section. Flipping a Tuft & Needle mattress would not add to the comfort of the mattress, rather it would have you sleeping on the wrong side.

Do you Need to Rotate a Purple Mattress?

Flipping a Purple mattress is not ideal. The purple grid on a purple mattress is designed to be slept on. The base layer support is not meant to be used as a sleep space. Rotating a Purple mattress is acceptable and will ensure you’re sleeping on the entire sleep surface. Although, rotating a purple mattress is not necessary.

Can you Flip a Casper Mattress?

A Casper mattress is similar to most memory foam mattresses and not designed to be flipped over. Whether you sleep alone or share the bed, rotating memory foam mattress every 6 months is ideal. This allows you to use the entire mattress and could make it more comfortable for longer.

Do I Need to Rotate my Leesa Mattress?

A Leesa Hybrid or foam mattress is best rotated 180 degrees every 6 months. Because of the construction of the Leesa mattress, the supportive base layer is not to be slept on as a sleep surface. Rotating the mattress ought to keep your sleep space nice and cozy. Never flip a Leesa mattress over.

Can you Flip a Zinus Mattress?

A Zinus mattress is similar to Casper, Leesa, Purple, Tuft & Needle, and Nolah AirFoam™in that it’s best rotated and not flipped. Rotating your Zinus mattress 180 degrees every six months is more ideal to flipping it over. Sleeping on every inch of the mattress by rotating regularly, enures your sleep comfort.

Should you Rotate Your Memory Foam Mattress?

  • Rotate periodically head-to-foot, every 6 months
  • This ensures the mattress wears evenly
  • It prolongs the mattress lifespan
  • Important to rotate if you share your bed with a partner or furry friend
  • Learn how to rotate your mattress, here


How Often Should you Rotate your Memory Foam Mattress?

Every six months is an ideal time to rotate your memory foam mattress. Rotating every 3-6 months is acceptable too.

Tips to Remember When Rotating Your Memory Foam Mattress

  • Remove bedside lamps and breakable items from nightstands
  • Move bedside tables, desks or vanity away from the bed
  • Remove the bedding
  • Use this opportunity to vacuum the mattress and bed base
  • Rotating memory foam mattress every 3-6 months